Olesya Kovalchuk

Leader of Rost Outstaffing Department of Key Customers

Experience comes with practice, and success comes with making the right decisions. The outstaffing of personnel is the right decision based in practical experience.


Outstaffing is impossible without power

December, 2012

This material is based on the study "The most respected employers in 2011," conducted by the Company Reputation Capital, Group Rost and HeadHunter on international methodology Reputation Institute. The study is a survey of several thousand candidates from

Rost Outstaffing Widens Circle of Outstaffing Projects

June-July 2011

Rost Outstaffing has renewed its contracts with LLC GlaxoSmithCline Pharmaceutical and has widened its existing contracts with LLC Sanofi Aventis Ukraine (Department of Generics, pharmacy ...

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