Olesya Kovalchuk

Leader of Rost Outstaffing Department of Key Customers

Experience comes with practice, and success comes with making the right decisions. The outstaffing of personnel is the right decision based in practical experience.

About Us

Rost Outstaffing provides outstaffing services, developing one of the priority directions of activity for the Rost Group since 2004.

The phenomenon of outstaffing is based in its possibilities: a company can save and not lose anything. This is why outstaffing is so popular with the leaders of the market.

Many different companies turn to outstaffing: manufacturing, trade structures, and companies that specialize in service. The thing that unites them all is their innovativeness in minimizing expenses and heightening profit, as outstaffing is obviously advantageous for business:

1. Lessens the burden on the HR staff and reduces costs of maintaining one
2. Allows to delegate responsibility
3. Redistribution of expenses
4. Attractiveness for investments
5. A decrease in book keeping and tax pressure.

Outstaffing is convenient if you want to save on your HR service or to decrease pressure on it due to significant volumes of work. The main services Rost Outstaffing provides include:
  • Outstaffing new workers
  • Organization of regional offices
  • Selection and securing of personnel
  • Organization and support of payroll programs
  • Book keeping support for companies.

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