Olesya Kovalchuk

Leader of Rost Outstaffing Department of Key Customers

Experience comes with practice, and success comes with making the right decisions. The outstaffing of personnel is the right decision based in practical experience.

Accounting support of enterprises

Did you know: “Pay taxes and sleep easy” used to be a Russian TV social advertisement. But the phrase became popular among the directors and accountants of Ukrainian and Russian companies because of its truthfulness. It is no longer just a saying, but is rather a truthful correspondence to the day-to-day activities of any company.

It is no secret that accounting is one of the most necessary, most complex, and most problematic aspects on any enterprise. This is why many companies prefer to outsource accounting. Rost Outstaffing has a professional staff that is ready to take responsibility for accounting in your business.

Our competencies include:
- Monthly calculation and payment of wages and compensations to workers
- Calculation and payment of the individual income tax and pension fund and social security fund contributions
- Calculation and payment of pecuniary aid in case of temporary disability, vacation, compensation for unused vacations, and business trips
- Preparation and submission of reports to the following foundations and taxation authorities: * *monthly and quarterly reports to the Social Insurance Fund and Statistics

  • quarterly reports to the Tax Administration (individual and local taxes)
* monthly personal reports to the Pensional Fund of Ukraine
- Processing other necessary accounting reports and certificates at the employer's request
- All other necessary HR procedures in full accordance with Ukraine's labor legislation
- Sending employees on business trips, providing them with all necessary documents, managing the HR document flow
- Managing the workers' compensation package
- Stopping the labor relationship with a worker at the request of the employing company
- Settlement of labor disputes.

We help make accounting easy!

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