Olesya Kovalchuk

Leader of Rost Outstaffing Department of Key Customers

Experience comes with practice, and success comes with making the right decisions. The outstaffing of personnel is the right decision based in practical experience.

Selection and securing of personnel

“Neither horses nor machines; men decide everything.”
Josesph Stalin

This saying has not lost its importance now, and will not lose its importance as long as you hire people to do work. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to maintain a staff of professional workers.

Rost Outstaffing proposes short-term and long-term outstaffing. You do not need to look for workers and spend your time interviewing, selecting, and teaching them the job. We can do all of this for you. Our workers have been tested by dozens of projects, and this is the best guarantee of your success.

Temporary staffing is a short-term hire of personnel, from 1 to 3 months in length. Short-term outstaffing is irreplaceable if one needs service staff or management for exhibitions, conferences, or promotion events. This kind of outstaffing can also save the situation if a crucial worker falls ill or goes on vacation.

With temporary staffing, a commercial contract is made with the worker for a certain kind of service. Thus you have the opportunity to hold the necessary temporary events without garnering additional expenses.

Staff leasing means providing staff for a lengthier period – from 3 months to 3 years. The difference between staff leasing and temporary staffing is that you get qualified professionals for a comparatively long period of time – accountants, marketing specialists, IT staff, lawyers, and so on.

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