Eugene Delov

Rost Outstaffing Director

Honesty, decency, efficiency, willingness to accept a new one. I am sure it is equally true as to the principles of success in business as to the life

Our services


Transferring of employees outside the scope of company's staff. Financial and legal instrument for flexible staff management.

Staff Leasing

Provision of staff for short-term and long-term projects. Financial and legal instrument for flexible staff management.


Searching and selection of temporary and permanent staff with various qualification levels, management selection. Guarantees and free replacement if necessary.

Audit Labor book processing

Examination of current status of HR record management and provision of detailed report. Bringing HR record management in line with the current legislative norms of Ukraine.

HSE Audit

Analysis of the company’s activities and it’s results in the field of HSE and their accordance with legal requirements.

Pay Roll outsourcing

Working with payroll functions, related charges and deductions. Reporting procedure.

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